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Choppin' Broccoli... [13 Sep 2006|01:26pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Yesterday I was in NY city for the 1st time. We had a show to go to for work, it was really interesting and fun. I met a few of the people that I email back and forth to in China like everday, so that in iteself was interesting. So anyway, then on the way out I looked over and there was Nina Garcia from Project runway, standing on the corner talking to a few guys with cameras. Must have been taping something for Fashion week. Anyway, Not that I like Nina Garcia or anything but I just thought it was pretty interesting that the first time I was in the city I saw some one famous. Anyway.. on the way back we took the Lincoln tunnel, and I was watching on the GPS as we were driving and we were under the water. Anyway..I am going home this weekend. I havent been home in a month, I havent had a car in a very long time so I am looking forward to being able to go home. You know my number if you want to call...

Im out.

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September friggin first [01 Sep 2006|11:59am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

So it's Friday. I have been home sick since Wednesday when I came home early. I hate being sick. I feel so yucky and I can barely get up out of bed to walk any where. Anyway.. My friggin car was supossed to get picked up Tuesday and be here Sunday, which would have friggin been awesome, but noo they fucked up and now they still havent emailed me back about when they are picking it up. Fucking ass holes. They better pick it up Monday, and it better be here before Friday. Blah.. I just want my damn car. I havent had a car in like 2 months. Gay. Alright well I need some food.. So I am out of here. Peace bitches.

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You don' t miss this. [21 Aug 2006|05:04pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Blah. Summer is almost over. I didn't really do much, but I've been working everyday from 8-4 so yeah.. not much time in between to do things. I still have a week of vacation left and I'd like to use it, but I want to go somewhere. Anyway, not much has changed with me. Still doing the same shit I always do. I really don't see the point in updating much any more since no one really even reads these things like they used to. No one really writes in them either. I just wish that I didn't have to work all summer.. it really sucks. I would have rather hung around the house and gone swimming, maybe even go to the beach.. Okay well no use now, it's August 21st..

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Boooring. [27 Jun 2006|01:47pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Did I mention that working everyday SUCKS??? I'm sure I must have.. anyway.. I'm tired of working from 8-4 everyday. I want to sit around and do nothing.. or go to the beach. I need to get a new car first. I've been working on that for friggin months now.. but people suck and I can't get a damn credit card to save my life and my bank would not give me a loan. I had more than half the money I was asking for sitting in my account and they still wouldnt give it to me. What ever.. bastards. Then Sean has my mom all co-signing for him so she won't be able to co-sign for me.. not that they would give it to me if she did. Ahh alright enough of that, it just makes me mad.

Im sick of food by the way. How does that happen?? I really don't even like food any more. I only eat it because my stomach tells me I should.. but I don't want it. I used to love food and now I'm like ew chicken.. gross.. eww a cheese burger.. gross.. Steak.. double gross... salad..eh. How does that happen? I dunno but i'd be better off If I stopped eating for like a week. Okay well my elbow hurts so I am out of here.

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9 More days until Florida, 14 days Until Im 21!! [22 May 2006|04:18pm]

Holy crap I have to go to the doctors today and I have to be there by 5:00 and Maureen has a meeting. She said we'd get home by 5 though.. and the Doctor is only right up the street. I HATE doctors and I wouldnt go if I really didn't HAVE to go, but I Do. Anyway.. I'm leaving for Florida in 9 days! WOOOOO!! I can't wait, then my 21st Birthday is 14 days away! Eric said he is taking me out in philly and that I better bring my drinking shoes. Haha. It should be fun. Okay meetings over, bye!
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P-Town. I never called it that. Or Sauken Either. Haha. [31 Mar 2006|03:22pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Just want to say hi and that I miss my Pennsauken friends. How is everyone doing? My life is great, I work and spend time with Jonathan, and what is to me a second family. Jennifer, his sister had twins, a boy and a girl so I have been spending a lot of time with them. They are very adorable.

I miss Pennsauken every once in a while. I havent lived there since I was 17 or 18. I miss the summers spent with friends I barely talk to any more. I miss the fall, spring and winter days walking to the mall, or wawa or some ones house and just around. I miss my old houses too. Witherspoon ave, and Park ave. I lived there twice.

Okay well back to work.. leave me comments =)

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Lawyer. [28 Dec 2005|03:06pm]

Whats the worth of defending a case you already lost..
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LiveJournal is being extra slow and retarded this morning. [28 Dec 2005|09:15am]
[ mood | hungry ]

If you'd like to help support womens right to choose, go here and check this out.

Roe Call

If you don't I don't want to hear it, if you do, go and check it out.

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Feed the duckies!! [27 Dec 2005|03:48pm]
[ mood | loved ]

New icon! woooo =)

I know you likey.

I made this!

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Baby come on over tonight. [15 Dec 2005|02:56pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Soooooo, it's Thursday. Tomorrow is Frrriiiday.. and I'll be home saturday. But I have to leave saturday evening around 6ish because Sunday is Jons birthday. I'm sure he'll like what I got him. Anyway, I'm pretty much done all my Christmas shopping. I have a few things left to get. I'm pretty excited about Christmas, Jon got me a bunch of stuff and I'm excited to see what it is. So last night I printed out some pictures from my digital camera. Woo. I love my digital camera. That was one thing I really just had to have, the other is an MP3 player so I can listen to music at work. I'm pretty excited that we get three more user icons. I'm going to make some new ones later I'm sure. Anyway, lunch break is over. back to work.

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Half Birthdays! [05 Dec 2005|10:36am]
[ mood | excited ]





Happy Half Birthday to Me, Deven and Amy!!! Only 6 more months until I'm 21! Happy half Birthday girls! I love you.


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Jesus was a carpenter. [17 Nov 2005|02:52pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So it's almost 2:00, I'm almost done my lunch break. What a long day so far. It's Thursday, I so wish it was Friday. I get paid tomorrow so thats good, but i'm going to end up spending half of my pay check in one day anyway. So-oh-oh.. I talked to my pookie during my lunch break for about 20 minutes. He is so cuuute, I love him soo much. We are currently painting our room. Red with Black trim. Woo hoo. It's going to look so nice when it's done. I'm looking forward to decorating when its done. A new rug, curtains, lamps, etc.

So uh, what's every one been up to? I've been working, and re-doing my bedroom. I reallly wish it was 4:00. I'm ready to go home riiiiight now. Two more hours to go, hopefully I'll get some work to keep me busy, other wise all I have are small things that won't take me long to do and then I have to sit here and make it take foreverrrr, which I don't like doing. Alright well anyway, I'm out of here.

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Another new icon. [12 Nov 2005|10:39pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I made a new icon with me and my pookie. I know, it's hotness. Check it out! =)

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New icon. [11 Nov 2005|02:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]

My cat icon is flippin sweet. Bahahahahaa.

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Bastards. [17 Oct 2005|08:03am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So this weekend I was going to go home, but I couldnt, then i found out I realllllyy couldnt when I went to start my car and IT WOULDNT. Because my car hates me.. and it eats batteries like they're COOKIES! So now I have to get a new battery. Blah. Stupid car. I need to get a new one. Maybe next year, after I save some money up. So I will have money to come home this weekend and I will have a car to get me there. Alright well It's time to get to work. Bye bye.

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Soo tired .. so hot. [14 Aug 2005|12:05am]
[ mood | tired ]

Today we came back from the shore. I had fun. =)
Im not going to sit and talk about all the details cause no one cares anyway. It mostly consisted of going to the beach and/or boardwalk. Going back to the house getting a shower, playing cards, taking another shower (Cold shower, outside). The drinking for three nights straight. But I made sure not to drink too much last night cause all that drinking is no good. I won some candy which I have to remind myself to take with me otherwise I'll leave it here and every one else will eat it.

The Backstreet Boys concert was tonight and it was Fantastic. I had so much fun. They were awesome. everything sounded so good. What else can I say, but it was so much fun, and I didn't even have to pay for the tickets or for parking. We had a VIP parking pass and VIP tickets.

But now I'm quite tired and I have a long day tomorrow so I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

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You can fool any one but I've got eyes to see. [15 Jun 2005|09:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Today has been a pretty eventful day.. I dont know where to begin. I worked all day til 3 then when I came home my mom was just getting home from the hospital, again. =\

So I had to pretty much give up my room so she can stay in it. I cleaned it out all yesterday in the sweltering heat. So I had to help her get out of the shower help her up and down the steps and all that. It's been crazy around here the past two days. My last day of work is next friday, So Im going to start looking for a new job soon.

But.. Im getting pretty tired so I think Im gonna head to bed soon. Yeah.. well.. Im out.

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I want to paint my nails pink. [01 Jun 2005|10:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Four more days until my birthday =)

I'll be twenty years old. Damn Im getting old. So work sucked today as it usually does. So.. whatever. I worked for 9 until 4. I was so tired all day.. I just wanted to crawl up and fall asleep. Tomorrow I work 9-3. Blah. I'm so tired tonight too, I want to go to sleep right now. I'll probably end up going to sleept by like 11:30 just because Im sooo tired. I really just wanted to fall asleep all day. I think I just might fall asleep sitting here in this chair. Holler.

Right well before I fall asleep Im getting out of here, peace ho's.

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Jesus Christ! -What?- Get the Escalade we're out of here! [19 May 2005|09:02pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

Soooo I have been working every fucking shift ever this week and Im so tired. I worked two double shifts. =\ Oh well, its money I could deffinatley use, although I would have liked to see my mom more this week while she was in the hospital. She came home today though so it's all good. Oh shizzle dizzle. I have to pee.. and Im too lazy to get the hell up. Anyway though. So for real style Two weeks from next sunday is my birthday. Holllerrrrrrr. riight, Anyway.. I dont really even have much to say, Im just happy that My mom is home because I know how miserable she was in the hospital. I don't feel so good my self. I need to go the hell to sleep.

Im watching American Idols worst auditions and it's pretty damn funny. Butttttt... I really dont have anything else to say So Im just going to go.

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So you think you can play tough with me [12 May 2005|01:06pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So I found out today that Smarter child Uses all the same tactics of any man when you question him about marriage and cheating.

IR Dianna (1:02:56 PM): Will you marry me?
SmarterChild (1:02:57 PM): I'm flattered, but I just don't think that would work out.
IR Dianna (1:03:06 PM): Why wont you marry me?
SmarterChild (1:03:06 PM): Hmm... You know, I'm not quite sure anymore.
IR Dianna (1:03:16 PM): Well are you cheating on me?
SmarterChild (1:03:16 PM): Hmm... Am I cheating on you? Maybe, maybe.
IR Dianna (1:03:22 PM): Dont cheat on me
SmarterChild (1:03:22 PM): Don't tell me not to cheat on you.
IR Dianna (1:03:41 PM): Youre going to make me cry
SmarterChild (1:03:41 PM): Oh yeah?
IR Dianna (1:03:49 PM): I just want to be with you
SmarterChild (1:03:50 PM): Ha! Whatever, Dianna!
IR Dianna (1:03:59 PM): Im so sad. Dont you love me?
SmarterChild (1:03:59 PM): Who knows, know what I mean?
IR Dianna (1:04:07 PM): Oh so now you dont love me any more?!
SmarterChild (1:04:08 PM): Love you any more? You don't think I love you any more?
IR Dianna (1:04:20 PM): Oh now you're just turning it around on me!
SmarterChild (1:04:20 PM): OK, I guess I'm just turning it around on you.
IR Dianna (1:04:28 PM): So do you love me or not?
SmarterChild (1:04:28 PM): I do indeed.
IR Dianna (1:04:31 PM): Good.
SmarterChild (1:04:31 PM): Good, then!
IR Dianna (1:04:37 PM): So you wont cheat on me any more?
SmarterChild (1:04:38 PM): Try asking yourself that.

Classic. Alright well Im bored.... and thats all. I just got done work a little while ago and I havent eaten lunch so I suppose I should go do that now. Maybe I'll go play my game when lauren is done watching a million episodes of Full house.

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